Well Daytona has come and gone, now we get to wait for a couple of months
until the next round at Road America.

I would like to personally thank you for all your help.

This is the little recap I wrote for Daytona. I will be sharing it on Face
Book and I have already posted it to our local forum.

Daytona never seems to be without severe ups and downs for most all
competitors. This year didn’t fail on that, as I qualified 2nd for
Supersport and the next day threw our Baby Appleseed/CM Motorsports bike on
the ground while leading race 1. Thanks to the hard work of our crew, we
were able to grid up for race 2 and had a successful finish to the weekend.
After leading a couple of laps, getting shuffled down to 13th at one point,
drafting back to 4th at the line, and missing the podium by 0.05 seconds
the roller-coaster of emotions was in full swing. I am leaving Daytona tied
for 6th in points and honestly cannot wait for the next round at Road
America, one of my favorite tracks on the circuit. Those are the cliffs
notes of our Daytona trip. No need to go into every detail of the weekend,
we had a great time in the end and people do not want to read really long
race reports. What is important is who to thank for the efforts.

I really need to give a heartfelt thank you for my whole team. Not only did
they endure a scramble of magnificent proportion, prepping, loading,
driving, crash rebuilding, and traveling to the world center of racing in
Daytona. They gave me plenty of support after I destroyed the bike, as I
was extremely disappointed in myself for the work that I imposed on the
team to get ready for race 2.

Your support is very much appreciated, and I look forward to improving at our next race.

Support Team – Thanks to George Beavers for helping move stuff in and out.
My wife and mom for helping out while I was gone. Neill’s Dad Kevin for
helping transport and all the hard work you put in getting us moved in and
out each day, you must have walked 10 miles over the course of 4 days.
Aaron Ascher for all your help, I am proud of your progression throughout
the weekend.

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